Our Philosophy

Communication and trust are the primary values of our company. We provide exceptionally high quality workmanship and build trusting relationships with each one of our clients, because these relationships are just as important as the work itself. Investing in remodeling or renovating your home is a major decision, and we focus on making sure that you are well informed throughout every stage of your project.  


Communication is key to a successful project. We take the time to listen to each of our clients dreams, desires and concerns and take extra care in ensuring that our team members, subcontractors and our clients have a shared understanding throughout each step of the project. Some ways we ensure excellent communication is by providing:

  • Detailed line-item estimates of project costs and our fees. Complete transparency.
  • Start-to-finish project schedules, so you will know what is happening when.
  • Daily on-site management. 
  • Regular client meetings to discuss progress and head off any potential problems.
  • A complete schedule of product selections that need to be made along with “due-by” dates to keep project moving smoothly.
  • Convenient access from your home or mobile device to your project documents, schedule, and selections via our project management software.
  • Weekly check-in emails to assist in keeping you on schedule in making selections.
  • Rapid response to any questions you might have by phone or email 24/7.


For us this is the easy part. The members of our team are dedicated, qualified craftsmen who take pride in a job well done. Each member of our team is licensed and insured and we hold each individual to impeccable standards.  We are committed to the principle that our work area is still your home – not just a job site. During your project we will keep all areas of your home clean, organized and safe during construction and make every effort to keep the inevitable dust and debris contained to the work area. You can be assured that the quality of construction will be the best you can buy for your home. We will be committed to the project to the very end, leaving you with a beautiful new home to enjoy for years to come.